Disinfection Services

If you want good business then it is mandatory to have a clean and good working environment. Cleanliness is also important for the health of the employees. So to avoid the risk of any disease or bacterial infections it is important to take measures to stay safe.

We have different disinfection services available for you. Bewafa smart solutions to meet your requirements.

UVC-based air and surface disinfection service

To ensure the safety of the employees and also to stop the spread of diseases, we have specialised services like UV disinfection process. This helps to stop the spread of virus from aid and surface too. This kills almost 99% of microbes, viruses and diseases spreading bacteria because of its unique construction.

ULV-based steri fumigation service

With the help of a trained and our professionals we provide good services to handle all our customers. We provide services against microbial infections and treatment on time. Power system is specially designed and follows all the government guidelines and follows industry tested methodologies.

Ozone gas-based air and surface disinfection service

This is the method which is highly effective for a year and surface treatment. It eliminates bacteria, virus, odour and smoke easily. It is useful in eliminating all the gases. 

UVC-based sterilisation service

We offer different tech devices for disinfection day to day.

We offers our services in